Chihli 1903 dollar, period after G, 小折金 variety

Chihli 1903 dollar, period after G, 小折金 variety

The 1903 Chihli dollar (Y73.1) is much scarcer than its sister Chinese silver dollar, the famous Y73.2 made in 1908 (see related articles), but it is also somewhat less studied. Currently, only the variety with a full-stop after PEIYANG is acknowledged by grading agencies. There exists actually much more interesting and rare varieties, which are actively sought after in China. Similarly to the 1908 Chihli dollar, this 1903 dragon coin has been minted in several version with different typography for the date. The most dramatic is the 艺术字 (artistic font):

Chihli 1903 dollar, 29th year of Kuang Hsu

Chihli 1903 dollar 艺术字 variety, artistic font

Besides the roman numerals, another device to examine carefully is the 錢 character on the reverse of the coin. On the full-stop after PEI YANG coins, the 金 part (radical) on the left of the 錢 character has been calligraphied in four different ways:

Four main varieties of the Chihli 1903 dollar with dot

Four varieties of the Chihli 1903 dollar with dot

Peiyang 29th year of Kuang Hsu: 双折金 variety (details)

Peiyang 29th year of Kuang Hsu: 双折金 variety

The picture 1 is representative of what you see on 90% of Y73.1 dragon dollars: this is the most common variety. The calligraphy shown on picture 3 is called 中折金 and is much scarcer: both side strokes of the 金 radical are curved in a very noticeable way. Even more rare, the 挑金 variety (picture 2) is easily identified by its incurved left stroke. The rarest of all the varieties is the 双折金, with characteristic vigorous tapered strokes on the side and bottom (see picture 4 and details).

Chihli 1903 Y73.1 dollar w/ period after G 中折金 variety

Chihli 1903 Y73.1 dollar, full-stop after PEI YANG, 中折金 variety

If like me you collect Pei Yang 29th year Chinese silver dollars, be on the lookout for these rare varieties: while they enjoy some popularity in China, most collectors abroad are still unaware of them, so there is good opportunities around.

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  1. Hansi says:

    Very good summary! 双折金is rare~ 折金varieties are promising stars

  2. zul says:

    i have one of the pei yang dragon dollar made 1903. original.

  3. michelle says:

    I haver 2 very similar coins-can someone help me learn about them?

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    I have 7 mace and 2 candareens coin.
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  5. hezwina marcella hezron says:

    I have pei Yang coins in 29 th year of kuang Hsu ..

  6. I have a 29th Chinese dragon how can I tell if real or counterfeit?

  7. Leisha Bennett says:

    I have a Chinese Dragon Dollar 1903 year ? How do you know if real or fake

  8. Quốc ánh says:

    Giá tiền này bao nhiêu

  9. Dragon Dollar says:

    Đồng đô la Peiyang năm 1903 trị giá khoảng 250 USD trong tình trạng tốt.

  10. Kent hong says:

    I have 2 but not sure is real or fake

  11. Lay Hong says:


    I have one kuang hse coin and 2 other old coin… can anyone help me to identified real or fake.


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    I want to sell this coin urgent

  13. Chem lip says:

    I have dragon dollar 34 year of kuang hsu pei yang 1pcs

  14. Lorenzo says:


    I have 4 coins, 2 of them say ” 7 mace and 2 candareens”, 1 is a 29th, and one has a picture of the emperor i think.
    I someone interested. I’m in Italy

  15. Владимир says:

    В моем экземпляре доллара написание иероглифа отличается от данных четырех, а также имеется надчеканка.

  16. Joel says:

    Can I know for the price of 29th year of Kuang Hsu. Pei Yang?

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