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On this blog, you will find all the informations I gleaned about chinese dragon dollars and modern chinese coinage in general – rare varieties, forgeries, some bits of chinese history, collector anecdotes, and more…

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  1. Rod says:

    Does any one know of a web site which tells the ASW ( Actual Silver Weight ) of old 19th and early 20th century China Coins? I found information on one coin, the Fat Man Coins. It is supposed to have a ASW of .7555 oz of pure silver in it. That’s assuming it is not a fake. Ha! Thanks. Rod.

  2. Dragon Dollar says:

    Well, the silver content of early 20th century chinese coins varies a lot depending on the province which minted them, and even the year of production at a particular mint. Which coin are you interested in? Or do you want to find out which ones have the higher silver content?

  3. Armin says:

    I picked up a handful of coins (22) on a trip to China and Japan. I thought they would make great souvenirs. Unfortunately I had a hard time parting with them once I got back. I am having difficulties discovering anything about the coins. Would you be willing to take a look at the images I have?

  4. Dragon Dollar says:

    Sure, you can post pictures on the Facebook page, or send them by e-mail. However, if you bought these coins for less than $10 USD, these coins are most likely fake.

  5. Essie says:

    I found a silver dollar that appears to be a 1911 China Empire Y31, If I email you photos, can you tell me if it is a fake?

  6. Dragon Dollar says:

    Yes, please use this link to submit pictures of your coins:

  7. comeaux says:

    Hello Dragon Dollar … I wanted to thank you for excellent information here on your site !

  8. Dragon Dollar says:

    Thanks man ;) I like your posts on CCF!

  9. Euphrosyne says:

    Hello! I have a large 54mm Chinese? “coin,” apparently a medallion of some kind, solid? bronze, can’t find the ideograms, wrong word perhaps, anywhere online. Could, or would, you advise if there is such a thing as a commemorative coin-like thing, or other ways of identifying the marks? I want to sell it but need more info. it’s rather a nice piece. This thing has four raised symbols on one side, two ultra-simplified symbols on the other, usual square hole, raised rims on edges. Am unfamiliar with sending photos, if you have time and inclination to identify/advise I will try to send a picture, but there will be a delay while I figure out how to do it. Thanks!!! Euph

  10. Wayne Knox says:

    I was in Puerto Rico a year ago last December. I was going through various sight-seeing spots in Arecibo when I came across a basket of coins on one of the tables. There was this Chinese “Fat Man” coin and I was asked for $5.00. I paid the lady and have since found out from local Chinese that it is dated 1915. Rouletted edging, but the characters around the top of the head can not be found in any reference book or online. I am not really sure that it is a 1915! How can I determine value?

  11. David says:

    What is a Pei Yang Dollar Year 34, with the Homely 3 variety, in EF, worth? I do not have the capability to take detailed pictures of the coin yet. I got it back in 1974, so I am sure it is not one of the more modern counterfeits.
    Is there a book or books that cover the varieties of Chinese coins, in detail? I have Kann, and Woodward for the coppers, but I am wondering if there are more modern publications that are decently complete. I can work with Chinese texts. I actually translated the 1979 Chinese reissue of the 1819-21 Japanese text on Sung Dynasty coin pairing varieties, when I needed to use it to work on several institutional collections in Vancouver.
    The pages and illustrations are very good, very clear, very informative.
    Thank you

  12. Dragon Dollar says:

    Hello David,

    To give you a ballpark figure I bought the VF Homely 3 at the bottom of this article 10,000 yuan “raw” and the AU55 already NGC-slabbed for 80,000 yuan.

    You can send me pictures of your coins using the Free Appraisal form here: http://www.dragondollar.com/coins/coin-appraisal-what-is-your-chinese-coin-worth/
    I will be happy to check the condition and give you a more precise estimate, or forward the pictures to Chinese collectors if you want to sell it.

    As for books, if you can read Chinese you will definitely enjoy 《北洋龙洋图签》 by 鲁雷 (Peiyang dollar varieties and history), and 《川龙荟萃》 by 张承光 (Szechuan dollars). I’m working on a translation of these two books in English. For copper coins, 《中国机制铜元目录》 by 李平文 is a very useful book.

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